Oct 13

Make Used Goods To Toys

Making toys is not difficult as long as you can pour your creativity, thrift can you make as a base material daughters toy toy car for example, you can make a toy car from used goods that are not used, here are some steps to make the car- toy boy of thrift:

For the toy car made of milk cartons, follow the steps below
Prepare the things you need. It is a milk carton, glue, glue sticks, rulers, two pens, markers, scissors and four petals to use as wheels.
Measure 2 inches from the side of the carton under Mark’s use marker .. Measure the sides of cardboard 3 inches from the top. Get dowel and enter from one side on the bottom, which has a sign through the other side, which also has a sign. Get other logs and do the same at the highest value. The dowels will axles where you will place the wheel.

For the toy car made of styrofoam, follow these steps:
Prepare the ingredients you need to make a toy car. This is a memo styrofoams, pens, rope, cover, glue, markers, cutter and paint.
Draw the shape of the car on styrofoam using marker. Use the cutter to cut out shapes. This trail so you’ll have another car shaped styrofoam, which is identical to the first. You will use this to the side of your car.
Creating a car axle by inserting a pen on the front and rear sections of the two cars styrofoam. The styrofoams now be connected by dowels side by side with a space in between. This is where you will put the floor.
Cut a rectangle that will fit in the middle of two styrofoams shaped car. You can put a pen between two styrofoams more to make it easier for you to lay the floor. Spread glue on the dowels so that the floor of the car will stick to this. Place the rectangle so that the car will have a floor.
Poke the center petals to make a hole. Apply glue to the holes and insert it in all front end and rear dowels. This will serve as wheels.
Cut a piece of Styrofoam to the roof of the car and use the glue, paste the edge between the two sides of the car use markers and paint to design a car .. You can drag the window and door on the side to make it look better. When finished, tie a string on the front of the dowel so that your child can pull a car.

Similarly, the process in making the toy boy of used goods may be useful for you