Oct 14

Takjil selling, Sideline Business Most Promising And Profitable

Fasting month is the month full of grace for some people, why not? In this month despite rice stalls and merchandise business in the sense of lack of food sold, another thing if you want to try the business side fibrosis takjil selling ahead of fasting. Interesting is not it??

The business side, this kind do not require much capital and too much strenuous, just creativity in processing food and sell it at the right place and time, the fibrosis will earn a considerable profit in just 1 or 2 hours. If fibrosis wants to start this type of course there are some important notes that must be remembered and understood as fibrosis takjil type that you want to sell and where to sell it.. Well let’s discuss briefly about the two things above

Type takjil.

You could say this is quite an important factor for fibrosis note, because his kind takjil offered is practically very common and easy to be encountered as well as sold to people who want to break, the kind sold just like: Assorted Fried, compote, candied, fruit ice, cold drinks and fresh, and the rice wrapper .. Choose one of the menu if fibrosis just wanted to try first time, but if you have more capital fibrosis, fibrosis can try all of them.

Time And Place Selling

These factors will determine whether or not takjil fibrosis selling .. Usually the seller will takjil roadside hawking food, why? Because most sellers is targeting buyers who missed breaking in the house, but concerned for iftar on the road .. So practically the motorway / housing is the most suitable position to be made in the business to sell takjil .. As for the affairs selling time, fibrosis could try to open a business fibrosis hour before sunset drum, or if takjil the

fibrosis in bulk and offer a variety of variants, fibrosis can be open at the time of Asr ba’da ..

Well hopefully useful