Oct 13

Ease of Business Wet Cake

Doing business is quite lucrative cake because everyone likes cake, moist cakes suitable for presenting the morning and afternoon as friends drinking coffee or tea, if your field moist cake business benefits are promising, how do I sell it?, Consider the following tips this:

Marketing efforts can be done by installing the business name, address and contact businesses in the wrapping paper and boxes of cookies. at the beginning of your campaign to distribute flyers and conducting promotional pricing program.

For marketing system you can market yourself, but it is also a lot of places that you can take to work with consignment system (entrusted sell) eg cake stall at markets, pastry shops, food stalls, booths in the center of the crowd, cafe or restaurant. You could also try working with the catering manager to supply cake on special occasions or parties, or even taking orders ready between.

Target Consumers
The market is very broad cake especially mothers who often hold social gathering events, recitals or other gatherings that require a variety of treats.

Cake business potential is quite large, especially if we are able to make kue2 to suit most tastes of consumers.

Maximum Endurance cake only lasted one day. For that specify the type and number of cakes produced each day.

key to Success
Always use quality ingredients and use natural dyes as much as possible, if you’re forced to use dyes, use food coloring and reliable quality and use appropriate dose, in order to keep our cake guaranteed quality. in the manufacture of processed products cake try to always create variations that consumers avoid boredom. For example, large dumplings can be made smaller or just cake version which is usually shaped like a turtle, we try other forms such as various kinds of fruit.