Oct 14

Business Type For Month of Ramadan this year

Fasting month is the month full of small fortune for some people who made a second fortune in Indonesia, why? Because it can be said in this fasting month whose name iftar food vendors would have mushroomed everywhere .. This type of side business itself diverse, ranging from selling fritters, Ice Fruit, Kolak, Rice Wrap Up … will definitely be in demand and in the entire stock by buyers who do not have time to prepare the home menu takjil

Let’s discuss a bit about the type of sideline anything that fits fibrosis try this fasting month, pretty-you know to add to add to earnings for homecoming and widths .. hehehe

Selling Fried

Yups, menu takjil this one is from year to year it is increasingly becoming a favorite among mothers know-housewife, usually fried foods on offer in the form of fritters bakwan, know the contents, the contents of rice cake, fried tempe, which is coherent with peanut sauce nan spicy savory certainly makes sense breaking fibrosis is increasingly becoming on him .. Capital is not how, it just takes extra skill to cultivate

Cold drinks / Ice Fruit

If menu looks like this one is mandatory for fresh ice fibrosis lovers who do not ever miss the breaking menu, usually ice as it possessed several types such as: Ice Fruit, Coconut Ice, Ice Mix, and Cold Drinks such as syrup or Sofdrink. . Capital is tolerable, because it usually consists of some mixture of foods


If menu is certainly always there, and so the menu is mandatory in every iftar, .. usually on offer in a variety of different types such as: banana compote seeds, bark, chinese girlfriend, compote cassava, etc … Capital is quite large, but the hefty profit margins if interspersed with the right strategy

Rice wrapper

To the menu of this one is extra, why? Because it is not all right to break their rice dishes to eat in because not all belly weight will receive food for Iftar, so for this one fibrosis could make the final choice if you would like to try his luck .. big capital, profits not how

Hopefully useful info type sideline in the month of fasting