Batik Innovative Business Concept

Business batik in Indonesia is promising enough income, if you come with a different batik business concept and creative, a lot of things you can do in a batik business, here are the new things you can do in business batik:

1. You can sell many motif throughout Indonesia, especially batik motif typical of your area.
Business opportunities batik this one is not only reaching the mid-market, but also the elite market. Moreover, if you are able to market your business products in the virtual world and reach international markets.
Clothing types of batik is not only favored by the people in the country, but also foreign nationals who’ve been to Indonesia, most have a great interest for this one kind of fashion.

2. Marketing the local batik products coupled with selling various local cultural tourism products.
You can also make the names unique to typical batik your area, make a great promo on any events or tourist visit sports events. Show the characteristic of batik in your area.
Business batik is one of the fashion business culture is unique, every cultural event to be one your chance to do the marketing and promotion of fashion culture.
There are many business concepts that you can batik kreasikan to increase sales of your batik business. The most important thing is to build a concept and a good marketing strategy, so that your business can be known by many people.
One is with online marketing, you can learn how to promote your products online, which I will share case study of how I could sell thousands of items each month product quickly with a low cost of promotion

Similarly, the concept of batik hopefully worthwhile venture for you in running your business batik

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